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A&HT Wyoming Preschool

A Place to Make New Friends, Learn, and Grow!

A&HT Wyoming Preschool offers a traditional preschool experience that goes hand in hand with the local Wyoming school system. Our curriculum and teaching style are based on years of proven results using traditional teaching methods.

For current information and weekly updates, please visit the A&HT Wyoming Preschool website.

Preschool: About

Daily Activities Include:

  • Age-appropriate Art Activities

  • Music and Movement

  • Children’s Literature

  • Learning Centers based on Themes

  • Intellectual Skills based on each Child’s Readiness

  • Community Snack Time

  • Large Muscle Activities for Gross Motor Development

  • Organized Group Activities based on a Monthly Theme

  • Special Cooking and Science Projects

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Teaching Philosophies

Teaching Method

We believe that most children respond best to a traditional teaching approach. Children are looking for teachers and parents to guide them in wisdom and to help them make sound decisions. They must be taught to listen, respect, share, and work cooperatively. At A&HT Preschool, we feel it is our job as educators to guide them in the direction that will enable them to learn at their highest capacity. This involves laying the foundation for the learning that will take place for the rest of their lives. It also involves teaching them the social skills they will need to learn and function in relationships, schools, friendships, and any other social situations they may experience.

Great Expectations

Our goal at A&HT Wyoming Preschool is to provide a safe and stimulating environment that promotes the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of each child enrolled. We realize that each child will grow and develop at their own rate. Some children will come to preschool already knowing their ABCs and 123s. Some may start recognizing their letters at the end of the preschool year. Some children may come to preschool knowing how to write their names, and some may not be writing at all. Over the course of the school year, we expose and instruct each child in academic skills such as letter recognition, counting, basic addition, writing, etc. Not all students will be ready to master these skills before the end of preschool, and that is OKAY. Our preschool goal is to set the stage for learning, not to force children into activities that are not age-appropriate or they are not ready for. When we see a child developing in a certain area, we do our best to encourage that development along with the traditional preschool curriculum.


At A&HT Wyoming Preschool, we love our basement preschool. We have tons of room! We have a super-sized Top Dogs room, a giant Playful Bunnies room, and two adorable Cool Cats rooms. We have a learning/snack/art room, several bathrooms, a large art closet, an amazing playground, and storage, storage, storage! Every preschooler’s favorite room is the Muscle Room. They adore having a room where they can run, scream, and ride bikes around and around. It’s even okay if they accidentally run into a wall! We love the muscle room too because the preschoolers are developing their gross motor skills, getting exercise, and learning to manage a “recess-like” environment.

Yes, our preschool with our older facilities can’t compete with other “fancy” schools, but we make up for what we lack in facilities with teaching instruction. Plus, our students feel comfortable and have a wonderful sense of ownership of our preschool. We are certain they will lovingly remember their basement preschool where their love of learning began.

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The Top Ten Best Things About A&HT Wyoming Preschool

  1. The Science Guys | Two Julius Sumner Miller-esque personalities join us periodically to teach us Science. Experiments include color mixing, sink and float, elephant toothpaste, and Diet Coke/Mentos.

  2. Classes that Build on Each Other | Playful Bunnies (two and three-year-olds), Cool Cats (three and four-year-olds), and Top Dogs (four and five-year-olds) each build an age-appropriate foundation for loving, learning, and living. Top Dogs will be initiated into the class, receive their Top Dog ears, and become an official Top Dog!

  3. A Balance of Work and Play | All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so we do a great job of mixing the two!

  4. We, Not Me | Kyle Karate, a superhero in his own right, helps save Letter People Land from the nefarious Kaptain Kangaroo. These run-on characters help us realize that life is not “all about me, but about we,” which ends in a letter people musical fit for the whole family.

  5. Traditional Teaching Curriculum | Teachers instruct a time-tested curriculum, which includes learning how to act (respect, kindness, teamwork, and listening) and “Stop, Think, and Act.” Students are encouraged to act like “Chip the Wonder Dog” and not like “Awful Augie.” Dancing, singing, and clean-up contests occur to help teach the preschool pals about being a good loser and a generous winner.

  6. The Kindness Key | To encourage kindness, a preschool pal is picked each day to receive a kindness key for something kind he or she did that day. The tricky part is that they cannot tell the teacher what they did to receive something, but they must do it out of the kindness of their heart.

  7. Family Holiday Parties & Preschool Pal Performances | On Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, we gather as a preschool community to enjoy performances from our preschool pals. We also join in food, fun, and games! During the second half of the year, we have in-class parties on Valentine’s Day and Easter and field trips to the Fire Station, Library, Playgrounds, Butterfly Show, and Art Museum.

  8. The Letter People | Based on the time-honored curriculum, the letter people have become a part of our preschool world. Through a secret portal in our preschool closet, the letter people use a secret knock and password to join us and teach us about their letters and sounds. A coloring sheet, testing book, and test are administered each week. After learning the letter sounds and putting them together, reading begins!

  9. Experienced Teaching Staff | Our preschool is filled with high-quality, experienced teachers who truly enjoy planning and teaching our preschool pals. Our teachers possess strong characters and are great role models in school and out.

  10. Love, Family, and Relationships | Our preschool is MORE than a preschool. It is a community living, learning, and joining together in love as a preschool family. We gather food and warm clothing items to donate, help each other out if a need arises, and support each other during happy and sad times. WE ARE FAMILY!

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