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The purpose of the Fellowship Ministry is to further A&HT's mission of putting God's love into action by providing social activities throughout the year for our congregation, newcomers, and community. A&HT is grateful to have such a vibrant ministry that helps our congregation get together in love and fellowship.

Please contact the office at or subscribe to the Weekly Newsletter for the latest updates on a social activity.

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Social Activities

  • Fellowship Hour (Coffee Hour or Lemonade Hour)

  • 50s & Forward Group

  • Shrove Tuesday Event

  • Annual Spring & Fall Cookouts

  • Simple Summer Suppers

  • Summer Concert Series

  • Children's Activity Bags

  • and other events!

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Current Social Events

Coffee Hour.png

Coffee Hour

Sundays (ongoing)
11:00 am
Parish Hall

Sign up to Host!

The goal of Coffee Hour is to connect and get to know one another better.

Host Duties:

  • Prep a carafe of coffee (regular and decaf)

  • Prep hot water for tea

  • Prep snacks 

Ceramic mugs (to be washed and put away after use) are available, but recyclable Paper Cups are also available if preferred. 

50s & Forward Group.png

50s & Forward Group

Seasonal Events

The 50s & Forward Group (for A&HT members and friends ages 50 and older) gathers for themed events full of food, fun, and fellowship throughout the year.

Fellowship: News

Stewardship Spotlight: Fellowship

Bridget Glover | Connections Chair

What Does The Fellowship Ministry Mean to A&HT?

We often use the word Fellowship to describe the ministry that plans social events at the church. But as the Connections chair, I’d love to talk about what Fellowship really means.

The word fellowship is derived from the Greek word koinonia. Koinonia can be defined as “holding something in common” and is specifically used 20 times in the New Testament (e.g. Phil. 2:1-2, Acts 2:42, 1 John 1:6-7). Koinonia describes the unity of the Spirit that comes from authentically sharing yourself with others.

Brain McLaren describes fellowship like this: "Fellowship is a kind of belonging that isn’t based on status, achievement, or gender, but instead is based on a deep belief that everyone matters, everyone is welcome, and everyone is loved, no conditions, no exceptions."

Fellowship is important. It is important that we get together to share our time and our truest selves with each other; without fear of not belonging and with an open heart and mind to the diversity of our congregation. Fellowship creates unity. Unity is defined as “holding diversity together with love.” Unity should never be confused with uniformity.

It is important that we make time for fellowship. We can do this in the pews as we Worship together, in Christian Formation as we learn together, working side by side doing Outreach together, and in Social situations just having fun!

Alice Peacock and Marisa Sharpe, our Fellowship Chairs, want to create social opportunities for our parish to share time and create belonging. We would love for you to join us in one or both of these ways!

  1. Reach out to the A&HT office [] and join their mighty team of 2 and help them brainstorm and execute a few events this year! 

  2. Plan to attend a Fellowship event this year including our weekly Sunday Coffee Hour after the 10 a.m. service in the Parish Hall!

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