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The Outreach Ministry sends God's love out into the community and the world by combining their faith, time, skills, and resources to actively do the work of reconciliation, compassion, and justice. The Outreach members are eager to learn about the hopes and goals of people near and far as they team up with them to overcome challenges.

The ministry is comprised of several community programs (supported by A&HT) that promote housing and food security, welcome immigrants, foster children’s education and mental health, and more. For any questions or for more information about a particular program, please contact the office at office@ascensionholytrinity.com.


Community Programs

Valley Interfaith Community Resource Center, 420 Wyoming Avenue, Lockland
A&HT is a founding supporter of this ministry, which has grown into a lifeline for 12 zip codes in the Mill Creek Valley. It provides food, household essentials, and emergency assistance, connecting people to essential social services and the skills and mutual support to build the futures they want. Current volunteer roles are limited for safety reasons, but absolutely vital. 
Tikkun Farm, 7941 Elizabeth Street, Mt. Healthy
A thriving hub where people of all backgrounds from urban teens to Bhutanese refugees come together to garden, prepare food, and grow in physical and emotional wholeness. Many roles available from planning logistics to chopping ingredients at home for community crockpot meals.

Habitat for Humanity + HOPE Coalition
HOPE Coalition, the Episcopal team of Habitat of Greater Cincinnati, welcomes A&HT volunteers to help build or renovate houses with partner families who will become homeowners through interest-free mortgages. Click here to volunteer at a work site
Heartfelt Tidbits
Heartfelt Tidbits is an extraordinary network of volunteers inspired by Wyoming resident Sheryl Rajbhandari to welcome immigrant families to Greater Cincinnati and help them navigate a new culture, language, schools, jobs, and friendships. COVID-safe volunteer opportunities include Virtual Buddies (weekly conversations with a school child), tutoring adults in English, or helping people prepare for their citizenship exams. Sign up here.
Matthew 25 Ministries
M25M is our major way of supporting Sustainable Development Goals projects abroad. It is a logistical miracle, and a joy to be part of it. A&HT’s volunteer day is the third Wednesday of the month. Learn more about volunteering and the COVID safety protocols, including the need to pre-register.
St. Paul Village
St. Paul Village is one of Episcopal Retirement Services’ affordable senior housing communities, and our parish volunteers have a monthly commitment of serving lunch, organizing games or entertainment, and conversing with the residents. Volunteers sometimes also serve at monthly parties for residents which can include bingo and hilarious contests, or special event parties such as a Halloween Costume Party or a “Senior” Prom. St. Paul Village is in Madisonville and Wyoming parishioners usually carpool there. 
Mill Creek Valley: ACTS
As one of four Episcopal congregations near the Mill Creek, we are teaming up with Lincoln Heights parents to support mental health in the community and document the environmental dangers (lead dust, toxic sound) created by 300 days a year of gunfire on the Cincinnati Police Firing Range as the stakeholder municipalities continue negotiations to implement their commitment to relocate it.


Current Outreach Events

Maple Knoll: Holy Eucharist

First Thursdays of the Month
4:00 pm
Maple Knoll Village [11100 Springfield Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45246]

Fr. Eric will be celebrating Holy Eucharist in the Maple Knoll Village Chapel at 4:00 pm on the first Thursday of each monthAll are welcome because all belong!

St. Paul Village

Volunteer Opportunities with Low-Income Seniors

Since 2013, we at A&HT have provided volunteer support for the mission of Episcopal Retirement Services in creating an enriched quality of life for the low-income senior residents at St. Paul Village in Madisonville. Our normal monthly commitment is serving lunch, organizing games or entertainment, and conversing with the residents. Sometimes we are called upon to assist with special events such as a Halloween Costume Party or a “Senior” Prom. COVID-19 disrupted this volunteer ministry following our early March 2020 visit.

Happily, St. Paul Village is opening up for visitors again and so, we are renewing our monthly volunteer-support commitment. Generally, our stint at St. Paul Village runs from 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm, and we carpool from A&HT for those volunteers who find this convenient. In advance of each monthly commitment, once we learn the planned activity and how many volunteers are needed, we poll our established list of volunteers to see who is available.

More volunteers are always welcome. If you would like to be a part of this ministry, or if you would like more information, please contact Noel Horne [anghorne@aol.com] or Kathy Kessler [kak318@aol.com].


Stewardship Spotlight: Housing & Food Security

A&HT parishioners have been working for decades, with passionate dedication, to provide free food and reduce the burden of housing costs for people in Greater Cincinnati. Valley Interfaith Community Resource Center, which was founded in our undercroft, is now the major emergency food provider for twelve communities in the Mill Creek Valley. Last year, thanks to a $5,000 anonymous donation from a young family in our parish, we spearheaded a successful campaign to raise over $50,000 for a refrigerated van to enable Valley to accept more fresh and frozen food donations and to deliver food to people who can’t safely come to the pantry in Lockland. The parish outreach budget provides a grant of $5,000 a year, and we also hold fundraisers for Thanksgiving baskets and Christmas Target gift cards which families can use to choose useful and joyful Christmas presents. We also collect specific items like noodles or soup, as requested by the pantry. You respond to these campaigns with incredible generosity, always exceeding what Valley requests. If you’d like to put your toe in the water, consider the Thanksgiving campaign which includes delivering the baskets. This has been an incredibly rewarding experience for many parish families. For more information, contact Melissa Monich at monich.melissa@gmail.com.

In affordable housing, parishioner Maurice Bason spearheaded Valley Habitat in the 1980s. Habitat is a fantastic model for homeownership, a major pathway out of poverty in the United States. Families and volunteers contribute sweat equity to build or remodel houses, greatly reducing the cost, and families are provided an interest-free mortgage. Under the leadership of Christina Brandewie, A&HT volunteers help build houses every year through the HOPE Coalition, the Episcopal coalition in Habitat of Greater Cincinnati. Christina posts weekly updates in this newsletter. The Outreach budget sends $1,500 a year for materials and other costs. You can also experience the joy of Habitat in the one-day Rock the Block event on May 14 in Cincinnati’s West End. We’ll be working with West End residents on repairs to 15-20 houses, and learning about this historic neighborhood. Sign up here.

Did you know that Episcopal Retirement Services, a Cincinnati non-profit, is a major provider of safe, beautiful, and affordable housing for senior citizens living on limited means? Under the leadership of Noel Horne, we have a vibrant team who travel to ERS’s St. Paul Village community in Madisonville once a month to host lunch parties for the residents, with Kathy Kessler as our celebrity Bingo caller. We help plan truly zany celebrations for holidays like Veterans Day and Halloween. Costumes and sing-alongs with live performers are also on tap. The Outreach budget sends $1,000 a year to help cover the costs of these parties.To join this dauntless team, contact Noel at anghorne@aol.com.

Ariel Miller | Outreach Co-Chair


Outreach Photo Update

November 2022

Outreach 11.18.2022.png

A&HT Youth Sock Drive

The 7th-12th grade Sunday School class is collecting socks to be donated to a homeless shelter. Socks are the most needed item at shelters and will be important to have as it gets colder. The sock drive will be running through December, and the socks will be distributed in early January. Please put new socks in the bin in the hallway (pictured above). Thank you!

Outreach 11.18.2022 2.png

H4H Rock the Block

Five A&HT parishioners volunteered at this fall’s Habitat for Humanity: Rock the Block in Lower Price Hill!

Outreach 11.18.2022 3.png

2022 Tour de Gem

With great support from A&HT parishioners and members of the Cincinnati Rotary Club, the Clean Water Lemurs bike team won first place in fundraising in the 2022 Tour de Gem event in Dayton! With your help, we raised $9,018 for adult literacy, women’s self-help groups, and helping girls stay in school in Madagascar. In the picture, Ariel Miller is handing out medals at the finish line.

Outreach 11.18.2022 6.png

St. Paul Village Monthly Visit

The November 15th visit to St Paul Village was once again a fun time serving a hot lunch to the residents and listening to the band perform! Our A&HT volunteers were Carolyn Bruckmann, Noel Horne, Kathy Kessler & John Zoller. Join us! We go there each 3rd Tuesday of the month.