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Canines for Christ:

Dog Therapy Course

Saturdays [Throughout the Year]
10:00 - 11:00 am
Parish Hall

Canines for Christ’s Dog Therapy course is offered at two different levels of training: Level 1 and Level 2. Each session runs for 4 weeks and alternates levels. The following is a basic outline of the training that will be covered each week. 

Level 1 Class Session Curriculum

  • Week 1: Introduction and overview of Canines for Christ, training guidelines, warm-up, stay & recall, walking basics.

  • Week 2: Warm-up: slow, stay distance, figure 8, leave it, recall with treats. Discussion Topic: Behavior Issues

  • Week 3: Warm-up: about turn, walk through crowd, stay distractions, figure 8 with treats, heel pattern.

  • Week 4: Warm-up: friendly stranger, figure 8 switch dogs, stay in a group, heel pass dogs.

  • Test Out (Level 1 can be repeated as many times as needed)

Level 2 Class Session Curriculum

Requirements for Level 2: Dog must be a minimum of 1 year old. Dog must sit, stay, and walk with a leash.

  • Week 1: Introduction and overview of Canines for Christ, training guidelines, warm-up: sit, slow dog pass through crowd, stay: group, figure 8, heel pattern, leave it.

  • Week 2: Warm-up: about turn & address friendly stranger, stay: with distractions, figure 8 with treats, recall, heel pattern with treats. Discussion Topic: Grooming & Handling

  • Week 3: Warm-up: sit circle, blind stay, back-up, heel pattern: pass dogs. Discussion Topic: Visiting, CFC Policies & Procedures

  • Week 4: Warm-Up: figure 8 off leash, target training, Canine Good Citizen Testing

Which class should you and your dog take?

  • Level 1 Class: If your dog has not taken any training or behavioral courses, Level 1 would be for you.

  • Level 2 Class: If your dog is a minimum of 1 year old and has had some prior training experience (sit, stay, and walk with a leash), Level 2 would be for you.

For more information, please visit the Canines for Christ website.

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