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Welcome To Ascension & Holy Trinity

Welcome to Ascension & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church’s online presence.  We are delighted you’ve come across our website.  Our faith community is truly an amazing community as we daily continue our growth and become transformed more and more into the likeness of Christ. 

We want to invite you on this journey we call Christianity.  We invite you because many of us have tried living our faith alone, and we know how difficult that can be.  You will be valued at Ascension & Holy Trinity.  We genuinely welcome people from all walks of life.  You will be encouraged to deepen your faith in God through our worship with one another, through our Christian formation, and through our faith-based actions. 

We are now into the autumn season when many folks remember that last spring they were thinking about finding a church community and decided to wait until after the summer months.  Well, summer has ended, and autumn is beginning.  You are always, always welcome to join us at Ascension & Holy Trinity as we strive to put the love of our compassionate God into everyday actions. 

I hope to see you in the pews and on the streets!

In God's Grace,

Eric L. Miller+
Rector, Ascension & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

The Bible Challenge – Reading the Bible in a Year

Join us for an information meeting on this exciting challenge!  Sunday, Oct 19th at 11:15am in the Assembly Room. Challenge yourself to come alive spiritually by reading through the Bible in a deliberate way.  We will follow a reading program that has you read from the Old Testament, the New Testament and a Psalm each day that will be accompanied by meditations, prayers, and essays written by archbishops, bishops, priests, and scholars. 

“Begin your Bible reading time with prayer, either as part of your devotional time or just ask God to open His word to you as your read and make you sensitive to what He wants you to learn.  You will begin to see that God uses the regular input that you are receiving to shape your life and attitude for the better.  Paul calls it a “transforming” of the mind as we see life from God’s perspective and not our own.  This regular Bible input gives God the raw materials to build positive change in your life.”

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