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Welcome To Ascension & Holy Trinity

Welcome to Ascension & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church’s online presence.  We are delighted you’ve come across our website.  Our faith community is truly an amazing community as we daily continue our growth and become transformed more and more into the likeness of Christ. 

We want to invite you on this journey we call Christianity.  We invite you because many of us have tried living our faith alone, and we know how difficult that can be.  You will be valued at Ascension & Holy Trinity.  We genuinely welcome people from all walks of life.  You will be encouraged to deepen your faith in God through our worship with one another, through our Christian formation, and through our faith-based actions. 

We are now into the autumn season when many folks remember that last spring they were thinking about finding a church community and decided to wait until after the summer months.  Well, summer has ended, and autumn is beginning.  You are always, always welcome to join us at Ascension & Holy Trinity as we strive to put the love of our compassionate God into everyday actions.  I hope to see you in the pews and on the streets!

In God's Grace,

Eric L. Miller+
Rector, Ascension & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church


November 18

Ascension & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church invites you to join us for this very special evening. Presented by the Parish Health Ministry and Chancel Choir of A&HT, a documentary entitled DEFIANT REQUIEM will be shown - a story of hope, courage and survival in the concentration camp of Terezin during World War II. An excerpt from Verdi's Requiem, the divine Lux aeterna, will be performed live at the conclusion of the evening.

DEFIANT REQUIEM tells the little known story of the Nazi concentration camp, Terezin. Led by imprisoned conductor, Rafael Schlacter, the inmates of Terezin fought back...with art and music. Through hunger, disease and slave labor, the Jewish inmates of Terezin hold on to their humanity by staging plays, composing opera and using paper and ink to record the horrors around them. This creative rebellion reaches its peak when Schlacter teaches a choir of 150 inmates one of the world's most difficult and powerful choral works, Verdi's Requiem,
re-imagined as a condemnation of the Nazis. The choir ultimately confronts the Nazis face to face...and sings to them what they dared not say. Now, through soaring concert footage, powerful survivor recollections, cinematic dramatizations and evocative animation, DEFIANT REQUIEM brings the incredible story of this artistic uprising to life.

Art was their weapon, Music their resistance.



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