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Happy Fathers' Day from A&HT!
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We are delighted you’ve come across our online presence, and hope you find the materials on our website helpful on your faith journey.

I realize that we are quickly approaching the long slow days of the summer months. School will be out soon, or is already out for the year, and many of our families will be traveling to all sorts of destinations this summer. I am excited to be taking my family to Family Camp at Procter Conference Center for a weekend this summer. We’ll sing songs together, play fun games with our family and other Episcopalians, celebrate Holy Eucharist together in a fun camp setting, and remember that our faith community is much bigger than any one local parish. In other words, it’ll be a fantastic weekend.

June 18th through the 23rd several from our parish will be going to Staten Island on a mission trip to help with Hurricane Sandy recovery and rebuilding efforts through Episcopal Relief& Development and the Diocese of New York. A mission trip is a great way to learn that we are blessed, we are transformed as we share God’s love with others. That is, mission trips remind us that our Christian faith is about putting the love of God into action, and that in so doing, our lives are touched in a powerful way. Please pray for our mission trip team.

Later in the summer I’ll be taking my family to Hilton Head Island, and I can’t wait! Don’t get me wrong. I try to live each day to the fullest, enjoying whatever ministry opportunities come my way, but I am ready for some time dedicated completely to relaxing and resting with my wife and two adorable boys.

Ascension & Holy Trinity is a busy busy faith community, and I mean that in a good way. We have many community organizations using our parish space, and we have many church ministries housed out of our parish. Summer schedules adjust, but my point is that the life of the church continues on. Please make every effort to continue deepening your faith in Jesus through active engagement in your faith community. It’ll be a joy for my family to worship together while at Hilton Head Island. I may come back with some different ideas for Ascension & Holy Trinity, and so might you when you attend worship away from home.

If you are new to our faith community I encourage you to give us a try. Join us for Sunday morning worship. Typically, our worship is at 8am and 10am on Sundays and 10am on Wednesdays. Beginning June 15th we’ll adjust our schedule to 8:30am outdoor service and 10am indoor service.

When trying out a new church give it a few Sundays. Every priest has an “off” Sunday when things aren’t clicking. Further, I know I’ll be away a few Sundays over the summer, and I would be upset if I didn’t get the chance to meet you. Summer can be a great time to check out churches, but also remember that the Chancel Choir gets the summer to rest, and there will be Sundays when supply clergy will lead worship.

Remember that all are welcome to an amazing worship experience at Ascension & Holy Trinity in Wyoming, Ohio. Our worship doesn’t end after the conclusion of the Sunday services. The real work of ministry begins after the Dismissal as we are sent into the world to take God’s love and compassion to the ends of the earth. All are welcome to join your sisters and brothers in Christ at Ascension & Holy Trinity on this great adventure we call faith.

In God's Grace,

Eric L. Miller+
Rector, Ascension & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church


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2014 - 2015 Program Year

September 6 Youth Worker Day-Procter (day event for those who work w/ youth)

October 4 - 5 East Regional Youth Event - All Saints Portsmouth, grades 6-12

November 14 - 15 Diocesan Convention Chillicothe

December 19 - 20 Young Adult Retreat - Procter

December 26 - 27 Winter Family Camp - Procter

March 7 - 8 Dayton Regional Event - St. George's Dayton, grades 6-12

April 10 - 12 Genesis/Exodus Style Retreat - Procter, grades 6-12, name TBD

June 25 - July 3 Episcopal General Convention Salt Lake City, Utah


June 12 - 14 Family Camp I

June 15 - 20 Confirmation Camp

June 23 - 27 Boys & Girls Camp (4/5 grades)

June 29 - July 4 Senior High Camp (10-12 grades)

July 8 - 11 Family Camp II

July 13 - 18 Intermediate Camp (8/9 grades)

July 20 - 25 Creative Arts Camp (6-12 grades)

July 27 - August 1 Junior Camp (6/7 grades)

August 5 - 8 Family Camp III

(*All of our camps are for rising grade levels)
Rob Konkol (youth@diosohio.org)
Anny Stevens-Gleason (ayouth@diosohio.org)

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