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Canines for Christ:

Dog Therapy Course

Saturdays, September 23 - November 11, 2023
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Parish Hall
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Course Information:

The $75 registration and membership fee enables owners to come to as many classes as they like in order to obtain their dog's Canine Good Citizen certificate. Each session runs for 8 weeks and covers the same curriculum during each session. In order to test on Week 8, Canines for Christ requires attendance for at least 6 training classes.

A basic outline of the training that will be covered each week:

  • Week 1: Introduction and overview of Canines for Christ, training guidelines, who’s in control, exercise, corrections, watch me, long down 

  • Week 2: Heel position (start position), sit, learn to walk, stay, down, leave it, greet people. Discussion Topic: Behavior Issues 

  • Week 3: Automatic sit, slow & fast-paced walking, down stay, distance stay, sit for greeting, stand. Discussion Topic: Fear & Anxiety 

  • Week 4: About turn, heel, getting a reliable stay, walking around your dog, heel from anywhere, figure 8 off leash. Discussion Topic: Grooming & Handling 

  • Week 5: U-turn, group stay, back up, figure 8 on/off leash, distractions. Discussion Topic: Visiting & CFC Policies & Procedures 

  • Week 6: Blind stay, heel, recall, greeting other dogs, walking through a crowd, target training. Discussion Topic: Drives 

  • Week 7: Pretesting 

  • Week 8: Canine Good Citizen Testing

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